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December 23, 2006
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When Hammy Met Slappy by KoorimeYume When Hammy Met Slappy by KoorimeYume
EDIT- pencil version [link]


...and Skippy :O though it sounds better like that cause then its like the movie tittle. hahah get it? you know with the fake orgasim? ah forget it.

"You wana help me find my nuts!?"- Hammy
" Look, have I ever lied to you before?"-Slappy
" You said keno is legal in Burbank"-Skippy

I KNOW i still have that one request left *twitch* but i had to get this out of my system. I think it started rolling around in my head sometime around the time i got the second A! box set.

The Slappy shorts are probably my most favorite ones out of all the others, sides the Warners. Shes just so...cynical! I love her sarcasim, wit, and attitude. Man i wana be just like her when im an old squirle and can't spell worth a dime :D! And Skippy is adorable. I think its so cool that Rugger, one of the guys who basicly created the Warners, had one of his boys voice Skippy along with some other characters.

Back to the stuff, i drew this on friday and was so freakin egar to color it today, but of course we were out all day, so i had to color it when we got home at like 9:30. Im posting it now at 2 somethin in the morning -___- so the smudging probably sucks more then usual. I kinda like the pencil more then the smudge, ill put it in scraps later, but just dont look it fullview @__@

I knew i was gona have Slappy and Hammy but i wasnt sure on Skippy. Im glad i suck him in though. I kept him kidna "inocent" here, though im sure he would have had more of an idea of the joke and Slappys look in the real cartoon. If i went with that logic i would have had him going "SPEWW" butttttt i didn't, and this just makes Slappys face more fun. I was thinking of having her say something like " You remind me of a young blablablabla..." but i couldnt think of anything.

Sticking a little Yakko head in the corner with his GOODNIGHT catchphrase was also a thought but i thought it would be a bit to much. Just wanted to keep it wif da squirrlesz yo.

AND YES i am so effin proud of this. ESPECIALLY Slappy and Skippy as they actully look like themselves. Hammy of course doesnt look exactly like his CGI self, i got his pose and look mainly from this - > [link] .

He was actully gona say this in the film but they decided against it. heh heh.

I plan on doing more of these A!/today toons cross overs. Tis moi foon!

gawdimsofreakintired. oh hey its xmas eve :O no snow ;__;

Hammy Dreamworks
Slappy and Skippy Warner Bros.
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oh god....
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that was hilarious i loved slappy's face and that line was my fav in the movie too,good job on the characters though
KoorimeYume Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
aw thanks ^__^
cartoonkid96 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
youre very welcome
Mojira Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009
THIS PICTURE!! I see this and I think of this - [link]

Someone sent this and I was like.. LOOOL!!
KoorimeYume Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2009
I LOVE that scene :D its pricelss
Mojira Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2009
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I'm making a fangirl squealies collection, where I collect all my favorite characters, and you killed two birds with one stone.
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just luuuuuuuve killin birdies :D thanks!
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